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Close the gap between the stage and your audience with Julie’s absorbing energy and thought shifting presentations.


Preconceived ideas and stale thinking leaves audiences feeling like they’ve heard it before. Julie shifts the way they think about a problem or themselves.


Create experiences where people envision their greater purpose and potential which inspires action that leads to more success after your event.


Showing people how to easily take their next step towards that thing that makes them nervous leads to life-changing confidence and clarity after your event.

Unstoppable Momentum Is Created


What Past Audiences Have Said

What Past Audiences Have Said

“Enlightening, powerful, applicable, wholesome, unapologetic, authentic. Very blessed and thankful to be here.”

“Inspirational on looking outside if the box of what you currently do as a profession. Great start to being a entrepreneur.”

How Julie will Enhance Your Event

Nobody wants to see attendees scrolling on their phones.

Keep your audience engaged with a speaker in a meaningful way. After all, it’s your credibility and brand on the line.

Julie’s high level of energy, engagement and new ways of thinking with audiences puts an end to this.

Make Your Event More Memorable...

Sometimes speakers fly in, speak, and fly out without any regard to supporting an event with their influence. Julie authentically supports furthering the event offerings and creating opportunities to engage attendees off-stage. Because of her high level of interaction, she carefully chooses which events to participate with.

Julie Hosting a Women’s Breakfast for  Best Ever Confrence Attendees. Denver 2022

...with a Sincere Promoter.

“I’m a champion for everyone I believe in!”
If you’ve met Julie, you know there’s no greater advocate for you, your business and your best interests.

When she commits, she’s all-in ensuring a powerful outcome for event organizers and attendees alike.

“Knowing her professionally and now personally for years – Julie is authentic. Her deep values and vibrant energy are consistent in everything she does; especially in how she pours into others on and off stage.”

- Monica Orto


Speaking Topics Include:


How to Become a Conscious Investor


Cultivating Community


Passive Investor Mindset:

How to Successfully Invest in Up & Down Markets


How to Create Goals that Deliver


3 Steps to Successful Transitions

Customize a Presentation for your Event!

Julie is adept in creating presentations to support your specific audience. 

About Julie Holly

Grounded in her investment philosophy, Julie’s company has placed investors in over $100M multifamily assets and she’s passively invested in nearly 300 units.

Everywhere Julie goes, a community forms (physically or virtually). From a prayer group to a homeschool group, to the virtual Book & Networking club, an in-person women’s entrepreneurship group she facilitates in her community, and at events, it’s more than likely Julie is organizing a select place for people to gather and network.

Speaking at live and virtual events as well as her podcast, Julie continually helps people see themselves in a new way and take massive steps, leading to clients starting podcasts, launching businesses, shelving distracting projects, building confidence and living life by their design.

On Stages Including:


In person or virtually, Julie delivers powerfully. She is a repeat speaker at Rod Khleif’s Multifamily Bootcamp and Pay it Forward Multifamily Mastermind and regularly speaks at virtual events, meetups and countless podcasts.

Host of the award winning podcast The Conscious Investor

Four Years Running with over 350 Episodes and 135 Five Star Apple Reviews.

As Seen On

& dozens more.

Absorb your Audience at Your Next Event

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