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About Being a Conscious Investor

Stop going through the motions and start living a “Hell Ya!” Life.

We both know that only focusing on using money to define our success will cause disaster in our lives.

Find your Path to Personal & Financial Freedom

The Pitfalls You’re Facing

You’ll see the YouTube ads and social media posts touting they have the way… but it’s not just about what we DO, it’s about WHO we are.

As a Conscious Investor supported by other types of Conscious Investors, you’ll be liberated of the things that continue to entrap you.


How to be a Conscious Investor

A Conscious Investor is a person who invests in the most important things in life so that they experience a stronger and more authentic version of themselves.

Conscious Investors bring presence to their relationships and contribute powerfully to their loved ones and communities because they have reached Personal & Financial Freedom.


“I mentioned maybe opening my own firm one day. She never pushed me, but said, “You may do it sooner than you think.” Now the owner of my own law firm.” 
- Kyle Swafford
Swafford Law, LLC

“I''ve made more progress in three sessions than years of therapy!”

- Happy Coaching Client


"Julie has been an amazing influence. I always go away calm and ready to tackle the next level in my business."
- Camilla Jeffs
Steady Stream Investments

Meet Julie Holly

I’m the owner of Three Keys Investments where we help investors protect, preserve and grow their wealth through investing in large apartment complexes and development.

As a Conscious Investor Performance Coach, I help people unearth their potential and take bold actions towards their personal and financial freedom. 

I also speak nationally at conferences and mastermind groups, as well as host an award-winning podcast where we discuss ways to become a Conscious Investor and an unstoppable force of success.

Host of The Conscious Investor podcast and The Conscious Investor Growth Day event.

I wasn’t always a Conscious Investor...

As a teacher I knew my potential was always near, but fear, self-doubt, and a need to please others prevented me from fully experiencing the best of who I was.

Now as a Conscious Investor;

I’m able to take bold action because I am clear about who I am and where I have decided to Consciously Invest my life. The naysayers’ sit on the sidelines while I accelerate the timeline of my success.


I know what you’re thinking.

“The concept is great, but how do I do this?” Spinning your wheels trying to figure out the best path alone is exhausting and discouraging. Idling because you don’t feel brave enough to take your first step will rob you of the best life has to offer.

Conscious Investing isn’t just for already successful people. This level of personal and financial freedom is available to anyone. Conscious Investing may sound like an airy concept, but those who choose to step into this space discover an unprecedented potential to life. 

Ready to Become a Conscious Investor?


Find out what type of Conscious Investor you are. Take the quiz to find out & get the Trail Guide to Becoming a Conscious Investor eBook.


Then schedule a discovery call with Julie to discuss your next step to unlocking personal and financial freedom.

Not sure where to start?

Once I learned how simple and powerful it was to invest passively, I made it a mission to help others do the same. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, getting to know teams you can trust to grow your investment portfolio is critical.

Read more and start the process by scheduling a discovery call. 

Interested in Investing?

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