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It's statistically inevitable that we entrap and over obligate ourselves in the pursuit of success.

If you’re not conscious about all your investments, you won’t end up where you want to be. Become a Conscious Investor instead so that you don’t become bankrupt energetically or financially.

Listen in on highly successful investors sharing how they overcame life’s limitations. Ready to become an unstoppable force of success? Let's' dive in.

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1. Three Key Things to Understand About Syndication
2. Three Key Things About Becoming a Limited Partner
3. Three Key Questions You Should Ask About A Deal

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New Episodes:

“I got started listening to Julie when a friend of mine recommended her podcast. I have been listening for a few weeks now and she does a great job explaining every topic. Her passion and friendly personality shines! After a conversation with her, she comes across as a friend willing to listen and take time to explain any question I may have.”

- Chris


Meet the Host Julie Holly

Host of The Conscious Investor podcast and The Conscious Investor Growth Day event where we discuss ways to become a Conscious Investor and an unstoppable force of success.

Owner of Three Keys Investments where we help you meet your financial goals without having to work harder.

As a Conscious Performance Coach, Julie helps people unearth their great potential and take bold actions towards their personal and financial freedom.

Since March of 2020, The Conscious Investor Podcast features a Monday mindset episode to help launch your week with intention and delivers weekly conversations with real estate investing experts focused on their mindset.

Network with other Conscious Investors in the Book Club

Investing in yourself is just as important as investing in your wealth! The Conscious Investor Book Club thrives by making growth easier for busy lives.

A new book every 5-6 weeks equals and avg. ~ 35 pages per week.

Weekly reading prompts and small one-hour Zoom groups every week are a powerful way to stay on track with your reading, as well as both your professional and personal goals.

Want to be on the fast track to becoming a Conscious Investor?

Learn more about Conscious Investor Performance Coaching with Julie Holly.

A Conscious Investor doesn’t just add more and more to their plate. They become an unstoppable force of success with personal and financial freedom.


The Conscious Investor Growth Day Event

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