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Life is intended to be a joint expedition - not a solo voyage.

Yet most suffer it out alone.

As a driven individual, you are created with a unique potential and purpose. 

Most people never reach theirs and those that finally do are usually too exhausted from their quest to enjoy it. Become a Conscious Investor instead so that you don’t become bankrupt. Be an unstoppable force of success.

Conscious Investor Performance Coaching

Connect to Your Potential 


Collapse Your Timeline 


Lasting Momentum 


in Everyday Life


Achieve Personal & Financial Freedom

By NOT neglecting these three areas in your life.

“My mindset, health, and wealth growth (in this order for me) is something I never understood to be truly achievable for most of my life.  Fulfillment and contentment from day to day is now a natural awesome consequence of my intentional focus on these three areas of life.” 
- Thomas Groves

Past Clients Have:

Started new businesses and hired employees.


Released and reframed concepts about money woven during childhood. 


Created financial and personal freedom.


Overcome past wounds that were preventing forward progress.


Left a high level company to launch their own enterprise.


Discovered the internal strength to live with ease through life’s storms.



Discover Your Expansive Potential

My clients capacity to authentically show up as themselves for their family, friends and the world so that they can contribute in powerful ways is unprecedented.

"When I was transitioning out of my W2 I knew I’d need some extra support. It’s been amazing to work through mental blocks that I’ve had and how to achieve success without being caught up in the crazy of running a business. 

She helps you think through things, calls you out on your BS, and helps you understand the next right steps for you. "

-Camilla Jeffs
Steady Stream Investments


Your desire for a life of freedom and expansion are leading you to your purpose.

You know you have more to offer yourself and the world, but if you’re like most people, it seems out of reach.

You are meant for more - and that’s not necessarily defined by bulging bank accounts, but by knowing you’ve tipped the scales and opened up your future.

Yet our hard-wiring prevents us...

Like it or not, the well-intentioned hard-wiring of our past often prevents us from moving forward at full capacity. 

We doubt ourselves and remember who we were told we were, instead of living the powerful life we were created for. It’s time to stop asking for permission and become a Conscious Investor.


You Can Be Grounded & Adventurous

“My High Performance Coach, Julie Holly has been a pivotal force in my life and business. I HIGHLY recommend you have a conversation with her to see if she is a fit for you.”

- Camilla Jeffs

Want to start the conversation now?


Performance Coach Julie Holly

People often tell me they’re inspired by what I’ve done, but they didn’t see the internal struggles I went through along the way. For four decades, I struggled to find my voice. I knew I had the potential to do and be more and I got a step further with every effort, but it was exhausting. As others experienced the success I longed for, I often found myself discouraged.

When I began working with a performance coach, my world completely shifted. I gained clarity that unlocked the capacity to see my full potential and learned how to invest in myself and the things that matter the most as I became a Conscious Investor.

Now I love helping other people step out of other people’s expectations and into their best life.

What’s Conscious Investor Performance Coaching?

Conscious Investor Performance Coaching helps you make shifts and transitions in your thinking that allow you to unlock the next level of your potential.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, you will connect with your potential and gain so much momentum that timelines collapse for you and life feels like play. 

The 6 Areas of Conscious Performace Coaching

Physical Health


Money Mindset


Healthy Relationships


Clear Mindset


Business Strategy


Passive Income
& Investing


"I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that I can be more intentional with what is most important to me in life. "
-Kathy Jang

"I have more clarity in my life as to what my "why" is and how I go about being my best self. "
-Todd Silence

Don’t become bankrupt physically, relationally or financially. 
Schedule a call to learn more about Conscious Investor Coaching.

Schedule a Free Introductory Session

There are only a handful of 1:1: coaching spaces available each year. Fill out the form to schedule a free introduction session with Julie Holly and learn more.

We’ll pop on a brief call to explore the possibilities of collaborating to unlock your greatest potential.

During that call, if we decide we’re a fit, you will submit payment and schedule regular sessions.

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